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The Positive EFT One Day Workshop ( Foundation Level 1)

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 Learn and practice the basic techniques of EFT tapping to reduce daily stress and increase your positive energy and enthusiasm for life.

Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop. Suitable for anyone with an interest in learning self-help techniques, health care practitioners and complementary therapists and those who are considering going on to do full EFT Practitioner training.

The beauty of Positive EFT is that by simply focusing on tapping on positive affirmations, people are constantly amazed by how quickly they can shift from feeling low or simply just o.k. to feeling energised , alive, tingling with joy and transformed to thinking more positive thoughts.

Even very experienced EFT Practitioners ( including myself ) have come to realise that it is not always necessary to go digging around and clearing traumatic memories to make ourselves and our clients feel better !

This training teaches you the basics of EFT to practice on yourself, family and friends helping you to gain confidence in it's use. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to participate in group tapping sessions , work with partners and watch demonstrations.

Those attending will receive a copy of the Positive EFT Handbook, handouts and an attendance certificate

The total cost is £65.00 for this 1 day training including refreshments throughout the day.
If you are an existing EFT Practitioner and wish to add Positive EFT Practitioner to your qualifications, there is an additional fee of £40 which includes a year's membership of the AMT

For yourself, you will learn:

• How much better you can feel, and how quickly that can happen;

• How to find energy forms that you've been hungering for all your life;

• How to use Positive EFT to change your mind and think new thoughts;

• How you can convert problems into solutions and learn a whole new way of  
 thinking as you do;

• Extremely powerful, personalised emergency positives that can lift you quickly “in the field;”

• How you can use Positive EFT for goal setting and future success;

• How you can manage your own energy levels easily and powerfully at anytime you choose

As a practitioner, you will gain the above PLUS:

• How to change your thinking from looking for problems and “roots” to finding solutions;

• How to encourage people up the positive wing of the SUE scale and get much faster, more powerful Healing Events in your Energy EFT sessions;

• How you can use “the power of the positives” to prepare clients better for working with trauma;

• How you can use positives with past aspects and future aspects to heal the energy system;

• How to use positives with children, groups, families, teams;

• How you can use Positive EFT as a starting point and introduction to EFT.*