Adrienne McAllister                     - LIVING STRESS-FREE - E.F.T.
Matrix Re-Imprinting is an evolution of traditional E.F.T created by E.F.T. master Karl Dawson using our current understanding of Quantum Science to bring about RAPID Personal Change.
It enables us to see how our relationship to events in our past affect how we react to situations in our present lives and how our Core Beliefs and patterns of behaviour are formed.
These events can often result in Self- Sabotaging or Addictive Behaviours which we constantly "beat ourselves up over"
Matrix Re-Imprinting takes us back to the beginning of the problem and using E.F.T we can tap on the "ECHO" of the trauma to release the negative energies that hold it there.
Many find that after just one session, they experience amazing shifts as if a huge weight has been lifted of their shoulders !
When they tune in to the past event, it no longer holds any negative feeling. Others find that symptoms of physical illness or chronic pain improves or disappears.
Examples of Negative Core Beliefs Resolved With E.F.T/ Matrix
Re-Imprinting :
I'm Not Good Enough
I Have to be Perfect to be Accepted or Loved
I Don't Fit In
The World is Not a Safe Place
I Worry What Other People Think of Me
I'm Unworthy / Undeserving
I'm Unlovable
I,m Useless / Worthless/ Incompetent
I,m a Victim / I'm Vulnerable
And Many Others !