Adrienne McAllister                     - LIVING STRESS-FREE - E.F.T.
E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)
E.F.T. Is an amazing healing technique that is easy to learn and can be used as a Self-Healing tool with profound effects.
To put it in simple terms, E.F.T. is a version of acupuncture without needles. Whether the problem is emotional stress ( e.g. anxiety, phobias, anger, rage, resentment or negative beliefs )  or physical pain ( e.g. back pain, headaches or old injuries ), the client focuses on the problem while tapping on specific acupuncture points on the face and body.
It can also be used to combat Addictive Behaviour such as Smoking , Dependence on Caffeine, Alcohol, Food and other Substances.
Many people find that within minutes, severe pain is diminished (sometimes for good even if they have been experienced for years !) Also intense emotions and long -term stress, anxiety or phobias are resolved.
Quite often people who have tried everything to alleviate physical pain or discomfort discover through E.F.T. that it is negative emotions or beliefs or un-resolved past traumas which hold pain in the body. By releasing the emotional  factor by tapping, the physical pain disappears.
Many clients experience huge benefits after the first session which lasts usually about an hour. Further sessions may be required if the client wishes but the beauty of E.F.T is that once learned, it can be used as a self-help technique for life ! Having said that, we all gain from receiving input from others and even experienced E.F.T. practitioners will benefit from swapping sessions from other E.F.T. practitioners because our needs as we journey through life are constantly changing and We all have valuable lessons to learn from working with other individuals.
EFT Master Practitioner Training
Certified by The AMT -  (Association of Meridian and Energy Therapies)


Adrienne McAllister Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer


The A.M.T. Master Practitioner course is Ideal for

  • Existing EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and   methods in the field.
  • Individuals who wish to become professional EFT practitioners;
  • Professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern EFT to their tool box of techniques;
  • Those who love EFT, are excited about its practice and potential and wish to take EFT to the next level.

Featuring many paradigm shifting approaches, techniques and brand new methodology, the NEW AMT EFT Masters is information rich, exciting and engaging, bringing the promise and spirit of EFT to life in whole new way.
Since 1998 The AMT Association of Meridian and Energy Therapies has trained 1000’s of EFT Practitioners. The EFT Master Practitioner Training is an entirely new training, written from the ground up by Dr Silvia Hartmann the AMTs syllabus co-ordinator incorporating research, developments and experience from the last 14 years in the field of modern energy work including the Heart and Soul Protocol, the SUE scale for life beyond zero and up to 10, Events Psychology and the Aspects Model, EmoTrance, The Sixth Sense, Project Sanctuary...and much more.

AMT EFT Master Practitioner Training Program Consisting of 12 Units over 3 days covering 45 core skills of the modern Master Practitioner of EFT
Level 1: Discovering EFT
1 - Discovering EFT
Stepping into your role as an Energist
How EFT works and explaining it clearly
The SUE scale and 'life beyond zero'
Energy flow and evolving any problem
2 - Reversing Energy Body Stress
Understanding 'stress talk' and not being distracted by it
De-stressing the client and building a stress free path to the problem
The E.F.Team and practitioner-client working relationship
3 - The EFT Story
The EFT Story protocol
How to know what to tap for first and next
Identifying set-up phrases from the client's story
4 - The Professional EFT Practitioner
Working with EFT professionally
Records, hand-outs, home study materials
Taking responsibility for the client's well-being
Understanding and tapping in 'energy healer mode'
Level 2: Intermediate EFT
5 - Extremely Focused Treatments
Focusing EFT on specific memories and events
Understanding energy body memories and their physical component
Using the EFT Body protocol
How to conduct 'Secret Therapy' with your clients
6 - Working With Aspects
Understanding and explaining the aspect model to the client
How to use EFT for proxy tapping
Unravelling aspects for tapping
7 - Emotions & Energy
The connection between emotions and the energy system
Guiding the client to discover the emotion behind the problem
The Sixth Sense and language of the body
Working with chronic pain and residual pain
8 - Energy Body Events
Evolving unfinished events and event echoes
Spotting guiding stars and the problems with highlight events
Forensic EFT
Understanding Healing Events as important Events
Level 3: Advanced EFT
9 - Mind Changes
Understanding how beliefs are formed
Using EFT to evolve limiting beliefs
Installing positive beliefs with EFT
10 - Energetic Relationships
Relationships and energetic entities
Finding an energetic entity in a clients energy field
Helping the client change their relationship with the energetic entity
Working with group entities
11 - Autogenic Reality
Understanding the concept of the autogenic world where the conscious mind and energy mind meet
The power of working with metaphor and autogenic realities
Using EFT to work with a client's aspect inside the autogenic reality
Using EFT with global metaphor for the client's problem
12 - The EFT Master Practitioner
What is an EFT Master Practitioner
EFT Master Practitioner core skills review
The importance of loving your clients
Course fees or full Practitioner training £355.00

Or sit Level 1 for £130.00 then upgrade with Levels 2 and 3 for £230.00 at the next training dates.

3 days training includes training manuals, tea and coffee each day and professional licence and 1st year's AMT membership fees.
Course will run over 3 days to allow participants to maximise on the learning and practical hands on experience of this very rich course.